Sticky/Slow Clutch Pedal Return

I recently installed a B16 transmission with a F-1 Stage 2 clutch kit and lightweight flywheel and replaced the clutch cable itself. Now, after the 500 mile break in point I noticed that my clutch is coming back up from the floor slower then usual. It started a few days ago where I started it up in the morning and the clutch pedal itself was stuck to the floor. I used my foot to kick it back out and gave it another pump and noticed it slowly coming back at me until it gets about an inch or two from the floor then it flies back at it as it should. Now its at the point where it comes off the floor and feels sticky. Like I can push it to the ground and release and by the time im done with the motion it slaps the bottom of my foot. Any suggestions? I searched the forums and didnt find a post here on this same subject.

check the spring on top of the pedal. my car does the same thing. try putting some lube or grease on it… my pedal gets stuck and i would also have to give it a little kick for it to return to the original position…

I greased the hell out of it but to no avail. Here are two videos giving better clarification of what is going on:

Problem fixed! Went racing tonight and my clutch pedal got stuck to the floor after the race, so I popped open my hood, backed the adjustment plastic nut back off, and re-tightened it on the spot. Now it flies back at me like it should. Gotta adjust the cable one more time to get the clutch to grab lower on the pedal rather then past half up.