Stiff clutch, and also squeaks


I know that Integra’s use a cable transmission instead of a hydraulic transmission, and this results in a stiffer, harder to push down clutch. However, since buying my car a few months ago, I’ve noticed (as well as my friend’s) that my clutch pedal seems excessively stiff and hard to push in.

I’ve done a search to find that this can be a common problem, but I’m just curious as to which is the most likely cause of this. The pedal also squeaks when it is pushed in.

I’ve heard to lube the cable, replace the cable, replace the spring in the pedal assembly (not sure where it is), replace the clutch, and also that it might be a problem with the throwout bearing or something else internal in the clutch. Which would be the best to try first, and what is the proper procedure for fixing this?

I am pretty sure it is a stock clutch on my car, and it has about 160,000 miles on it. Thanks in advance for the help,