Stiff suspension

What is the stiffest suspension out there? I know of Omni and there 15k front and 12k rear, but I want no wheel gap and stiffer then hell. I want my Kidneys to hurt after 20 mins of bieng in it. Some may ask why but thats my pref. I want it to be like that. Also does skunk2 make front upper arms for our cars or is everyone still using the G3 A arms?

I got the Megans coilovers paired with adjustable Tokico Illuminas and when you set the damper to 5 all around, you’ll bunch your ass all over the street… stiff enough for you?

You can buy custom springs in any rate/ID you want. I think there’s a total of 20 sets of springs in the garage that were on Patrick’s car at one point or another.

I think the current setup is 16 kg/mm front and 18 kg/mm rear Swifts on Zeal Function B6.

26 kg/mm F
20 kg/mm R

EDIT: NOT Phase Coilovers!

call ground control. they’ll do whatever spring rate you want.