still having problems *need help*

I replaced my muffler, cap/rotor and spark plugs and had the timing checked and the spudder/popping noise is still coming out of the exhaust pipe. I also notice a lot of white smoke(condensation) coming out the exhaust pipe.

what else can I do??

Is your ecu throwing any codes your way?

Oxygen Sensor maybe, making you run rich?? anybody else?

my check eng light doesn’t come on so I don’t think it’s my o2 sensor or ecu…

any other suggestions??

Try replacing your Fuel Filter.
BTW:what are your mods?

custom turbo kit and cat-back exhaust

would a fuel filter cause rough idling/spudder noise from the exhaust??

Originally posted by TypeSZero
would a fuel filter cause rough idling/spudder noise from the exhaust??

A clogged fuel filter would. Also, what sort of FMU are you running? Does the sputtering occur at all points of the RPM band?

it only happens when it’s idling… lower rpm

I also noticed some brownish stuff in my radiator… what is that?? I did add a radiator sealer while back ago but I’m not sure if it’s that…


arrghhh im having the same problem…that spudering noise like pop pop from exhaust… when the car just sits the and idels…i changed my fuel filter about montjh ago, it was from pepboys, might have been a POS , i hate that store grrr… going oem nexttime. yeah do u thijnk it sthe catalytic converter, considring mine has like 160,000 on it, (test pipe) gonna be put in soon…woooheee but, yeah i have the brown crap in my radiator last time i flushed it to… weird stuff help guys