stock alternator output sufficient???

kinda long but bare with me. well the alternator i bought about 2 years ago went out on me the other day. it was a stock replacement so it was cranking about the same amount of amps as the original alternator. i’m thinking i might have overloaded the alternator by exceeding the maximum amp output since things started going bad after: 1) had my lights on cause it was dark, 2) using my wipers cause it was raining, 3) had the heater on cause it was chilly out, 4) had my stereo blasting for a whole 30min drive all at the same time. i’m not sure how much amps it was drawing exactly but i’m assuming its very close to or over the max output. i’m thinking this might of overloaded it cause i’m sure an alternator would last a lot longer than a mere 2 years since some people are still running on their original one.

i took the alternator out by myself and took it to 3 places to have it checked. if you want to know how i took out the alternator check the teg tip article section. first place tested only 10.5 volts, next place couldn’t even get a reading cause the “girl” working there didnt know how to work the damn test machine, and the last place tested no output at all.

i’m running one from a civic for now til i can get the faulty one replaced free of charge since its warranted for lifetime. what i wanted to know is, when i do get the replacement, will it be able to handle the load because i have two new jbl amps coming in soon? total wattage will be around 600-700 for the two amps. will i be experiencing the same problem as before with the same accessories being used?

I have had my system running on a stock alt for about two years overall and i run two high currents. my lights blink with the bass. i have to let the battery charge up before shutting the car off, other then that no problems with the alt going bad.


I run an 1100 watt class D amp and a 400 watt class A/B amp on my stock alt. (original one!) and 2-year old battery. Works fine. Upgrade the wire sunder your hood (engine-to-ground, alternator wires, and negative battery)… to at least 6 guage, preferrably 4 guage. Helps get more current through to the car and the system.

I’d just go back with an OEM replacement alternator, especially since it’s under warranty.


i might upgrade my wires, could i do it myself or would i have to bring it to a shop?

FYI, i’m getting 2 JL audio 10w3v2’s powered by a JL 500/1, would i need to upgrade my wires to avoid dimming lights and things like that?

Since you got the alternator out yourself before, you can easily do the main wires under the hood. Make sure to disconnect the negative battery terminal before doing anything though.

upgrade the wires indicated above, and you’ll be set. And yes, upgrading the wires is good even if you’re pushing 200 watts… just because more is better in terms of wire size. Haivng extra capacity is always a good thing.