Stock b18 help

I purchased a 92 db1 about 3 weeks ago and now im having some issues with the stock motor. this vehicle as been sitting for almost 8 years.

Recently i’ve been noticing some oil deposit beneath my cam seal and close to my head and block. The oil drips in back of the exhaust manifold (oil deposit is on the bloc) looks to be coming from or around the 4th cylinder. Everytime i wipe it, more oil seems to come back. Ive also notice that the vehicle seems to know alittle.

This past weekend a family member borrowed the vehicle and when i got my vehicle back oil my forth cylinder was full of oil from the plug up. I replaced my valved cover and notice oil leak has gotten worse. Before the family member took it out this car ran like a dream.

I assume its could be a head gasket but havent had a chance to look. Plugs seem to be firing well and normal . plug wires of the 4th cylinder always seems to look like its sweating oil, even after i have cleaned it number of times.

Whats your thoughts? Any one have this problem before? Any suggestions? I fail to also mentioned when removing the plug and looking down the 4 hole it seemed like the forth cylinder has a glare almost like oil or coolant was getting in there. oil color is normal.

Hope to hear from you guys! thanks in advance! :up:

Did you replace the valve cover gasket and sparkplug tube seals? Sounds like that is your problem.

yes, I’ve replaced the valve cover gasket and seals. Car seems to run better but still leaks, and knocks. I thought the leak was coming from the cam seal but after looking it over it seems as if its not.

also no black smoke or white smoke from the exhaust.

  1. I had same prob and the new valve cover gasket and rings fixed it
  2. MAKE THE FAMILY MEMBER PAY FOR IT they obviously screwed it up leave it up to them they can take it to a shop

Aren’t you already fucked by the time it starts knocking? :worry:

I have the same issue i did put on a new gasket set but i t still leaks under the cam seal

if u replaced the valve cover seal and spark plug grommets… u should’ve replaced the cam cap too… its not hard at all. just gotta remove that one cam cap, take it out, and put some honda bond if u like when putting the new one, or just putting honda bond around the old one and slapping it back on, put the cam cap back on, like 10 ft/lbs or something small like that… then valve cover gasket, then the valve cover. honda bond or other sealers should be used on specific points on the valve cover gasket, like where it angles up to go over the camshaft caps… and on the corners… that helps to minimize the possibility of leaking. and don’t over torque the valve cover nuts… it only takes like 7 ft/lbs so just tighten it down (in sequence) and with very lil muscle.

i do have a password jdm cam cap that i haven’t used, i bought it in like december, but nvr installed it cuz i knew i was gonna get a new motor anyways. so i got a b20b that literally was factory fresh, so i don’t need it. if anybody is interested, u can either get it from them or anybody else. i think its cheaper from the dealer tho to get an oem one. but its all preference.