Stock clutch and 7lb Flywheel?

I can get my hands on a 7lb flywheel for a 99-2000 SI for cheap. All i have in my car now is the stock one and a knecks (rhino clutch) Basicly a stock replica. I have a b20Z2 in my car and a long geared LS tranny.

How would my clutch react to that flywheel? It has about 10k highway miles on the clutch.

Would it even make a difference in a long geared LS transmission?

Also its had a little bit over half of what you can take off a flywheel taken off, would that make a difference?

  • I know it would make a difference in feel, but is it really worth dropping the tranny and what not for that small of gain. And i heard lighten flywheel make a PITA to drive -

For an LS engine/transmission the superlight flywheel is only beneficial if you plan to do some track days. Downshifts with rev matching are where the light flywheel shows its strengths. Around town and at the drag strip the car will feel slow off the line.
You only need an upgraded clutch if you are making more torque than from the factory. If you slam on the throttle in a low gear and get no slipping, your clutch is fine.

Im making a little over stock, B20z2 with header and exhaust. Nothing really to extreme. Probly about 20 flywheel horse power over the A1. Why will it feel slow on take off?

Less rotating mass equals less inertia equals less torque. A lighter flywheel is easier on the clutch than the stock one. I have a bit of bogging off the line, its tolerable with my 7lb one. Thats what I get for driving a 1.8L. Its not a daily driver though, I might reconsider if I had a lot of stop and go traffic. Low end power is less, at the high end it pulls harder. If you have increased airflow you should see a nice difference. My favorite part is matching the revs for the shifts is quicker and more accurate. Most ppl get new clutches with their flywheels so assuming they go hand in hand is natural, but not always necessary.

For the record I have a B18B, 4-2-1 tri y header, 2.5" cat back, hi flow cat, msd coil &cap and a proper cold air intake so our setups appear similar, you probably have the same HP with a bit more torque.

One tip. Get ARP flywheel and clutch bolts, the extra money is well worth the piece of mind.:dozing:

Thanks for the info!

I had a clutch bolt fall out once and rub on the flywheel. Made me think i had a bad clutch. Bought one, pulled it apart and tada!

Ill wait till i get a few more goodies then ill put it on!