Stock Ecu with vtec engine

Not really sure how to look this up correctly so I figured I’d just ask.

I’m putting together a Type R head on a gsr block, I’m running non obd. in a 91 integra, which would be more efficient.

Buying a chipped ecu so I can have better fuel and all the other crap including higher rev limit.

Or, just keep my stock ecu, and get a VAFC. but with this I can’t do anything about my rev limit right?

or my 3rd option, getting my stock ecu chipped. with a mugen or skunk 2 program.

I’m just looking for something that won’t be too complicated, or time consuming, and also something that won’t be to spendy. hope you guys can hook me up with some info.

I think the new ECU would be cheaper than buying the VAFC and getting the old ECU reprogrammed. The advantage of VAFC that I can see is thatwhen you tune the car it is much easier to adjust things.

I was considering the same question like two weeks ago. I was told that I could have gone with the PR3 ECU if I had a VTEC block (which you do), but I would have to reprogram the old ECU because the PR3 requires a knock sensor (using my LS block).

Don’t rely on my newbie advice to make your decision, just trying to point ya in the right direction.