Stock height

Does anyone still own a stock height DA? I need to find out how high it is measured from the center of the headlight to the ground. The reason I ask is because I got pulled over and the cop told me it has to be 24" minimum. Right now my car measures 20 3/4". That means my car has to be raised over 3" just to be legal. I dont think this is correct because I doubt my car is lowered more than 3". I got Tein CO’s on it right now and there is about 1/2" gap from the top of the tire to the fender on all four cornere. So if anyone can measure for me that would be great. Thanks

mine is on the original springs, so it has probably sagged some. anyway, it measures about 23 inches.

Hawaii has a minimum height? why? in NY there is a max height, but that isn’t even enforced.

I dont think that cop knew what he was talking about cause I went to my old shop and they had a DA there and it measured 23" also.