stock injectors

I was putting the injectors back in my car last night and noticed that one of the seals that go on the very tip of the injector(motor side) is missing. I doubt a parts store is just going to sell me a seal, any ideas of what to do or where to get one? or your local Honda/Acura dealer.

The injector o-rings (fuel rail side) will break on about 99% of injectors removed from our cars unless they have been replaced before. I keep extras around all the time now. A good autoparts store might have the right o-ring, but I get mine from Honda.

Here’s the diagram from acuraautomotiveparts showing all of the spacers and grommets and seals and what not for the injectors:

It’s spelled “autOmotive”

I can’t tell if it’s number 18 or 3. I’ll have to pull it and check it. but either way, just from memory I remember without the piece there it seemed the injector was opened up a little more with the piece it made the inner hole smaller. I’ll snap some pics and see if collectively we can figure it out. haha

Hey, I spelled it right once! I hate that damn combo of words, seems like I type it way too frequently and still mess it up.

big blue, #18 is the injector o-ring and it’s a small o-ring just like any other o-ring. #3 is more like a rubber “sleeve”. It’s not what is actually sealing in the fuel. It’s pretty obvious which is which since one is considerably larger than the other.