stock redline for gsr (searched)

ok so ive been searching and i get a differant awnser everytime. on a b18c1 what is the redline from factory? my setup is the b18c1 block with itr pistons and b16a head, i am looking for what the safe redline is for this setup and what rpm range is in its powerband. all the parts are stock excpet the pistons.

It’s been a while since I had my 98 gsr (stolen in 2002) but I believe it was 7800 rpm.

stock redline is 8, limiter is 8200 or 8400.

redline was definately at 8K and I believe the limiter was 8200RPM

so how come my machine shop trip out when i say its 8,000 rpm, hes like you better get eagle h rods for that kind of stress, and wants to heat treat my crank after the regrind to make it stronger. thats why i was wondering why they all freak when i say 8

Well im not sure about that because you have a different head and block. The B16 head is good for 8K as well but I dont know if adding ITR pistons changes anything. It should raise the CR right? I’m out of my league, but I dont think that should effect the redline. Im not positive though, sorry.

The redline is 8k. Don’t let a machine shop tell you different. Go on cardomain and look at the interior pics (the tac clearly reads 8k).

ok thanks i wanted to make sure, there prolly just use to v-8s that redline at 4.5-5.5

To me it seems like they didn’t know that there was a gsr model for that year. They probably believe its an ls engine which couldn’t rev that high (safely) without some help.