Stock ride height

I’m trying to figure out how much drop I am currently running, but I have no reference point to begin with. The car was literally on the bump stops when I brought it home. Could someone please provide me with an axle (wheel) center line to fender lip measurement? This is the only easy to reach measurment I can think of that is unaffected by tire/wheel size. Either a stock number or a dropped number with amount of drop noted would help me get in the ball park.

why do you want to know? i’m from k-bay but im in Japan right now.

You can measure by finger gap between tire and fender lip. My teg has stock suspension and there is a 4 finger gap in the rear and 4-5 finger gap front.

That’s funny ataparag I just left Japan to come to K-bay. I was in Atsugi for 5 years, where are you at?
I’m just trying to find out what my current drop is so I know what springs to order, but the point is moot now since I decided to go with coil-overs.

kewl… i’ll be back in june. im here at misawa for a 6 month deployment. if u want skunk2 coilover i’ll hook you up shipmate. i have a friend who have one for sale. call him up at 389-6317 and his name is Francis, tell him i told you… he can give it to you for like $150 or something. and i/m telling you that sh1t is awesome. where u at anyways. maybe we can meet when i comeback. 3 integras cruising around Oahu is tight…

oh yeah… im with NINE