Stock swaybars

I did a search and there is very little information about this subject. Im trying to get the swaybar sizes for the different models. Someone mentioned the front was a hollow 23mm and the rear was 14.7mm. Are those the sizes for USDM GS-R?, Are the sizes for the RS model different? Also, what about the JDM RSi, XSi swaybar sizes?
Im using a rear 22mm at the moment, and Im researching options to try and solve the DAs excessive nose dive problem. The Mugen DC2 endurance car features 26mm in the front and 24 in the back, although I havent driven the car, it looks very neutral in the corners (As the Spoon full tune car using the same swaybars). Has anyone fitted the Front 24mm ITR swaybar on the DA?
Any information or comments would be appreciated.