stock wheel horsepower

whats the stock wheel horsepower of a 92-93 GS-R? Isn’t it around 135?

I tried searching and couldn’t find anything. Thanks in advance.

That’s about right give or take for freshness and build up variations. Mine base lined @143WHP many years ago.

wow, what kind of dyno were you on?

what’s stock wheel for 90-91…?

isnt all this info in the spec page?


It was a dyno jet… about a year after I got the car (1993) here in so cal. Originally the car felt really flat when pushing hard, but that is more a function of how the B17 makes power. Lacking torq. the engine is almost boring, but after a few gears tickling red line she 's moving along quite nicely. The B17 resonds very well to simple mod’s that involve the breathing of the engine. Now the way my squirls turn the crank, they put out almost 190 in BHP