STOLEN 1992 White GSR from Alhambra, CA

Im posting this up for member rich aka JDMBEEF

1992 White GSR

Stolen Halloween from Alhambra, CA corner of Norwood and 2nd st by the HAT.

Offer a reward for info leading to the recovery or persons involved and
email me at

This is a Lokwerkz shop car.

dang theives. :mad:


Hope it comes home safely. For sure headlights are gone :frowning:

Thanks Leo for posting this.

Yeah guys, I’m gonna get the car back stripped. thing was clean. Somebody came up. The only thing I have going for me is that I do have some pretty rare items on the car that will hopefully show up on other cars. The local shops around here know about it.

I’ve accepted that the car is gone.

I’m just into the revenge thing right now :wink:

damn rich sorry to hear about your loss brotha. i hope you get her back in a decent shape. man i hate thieves with a passion!

damn man i know how that feels, good luck finding it, that’s near El Sereno and there notorious for jacking hondas…:sad:

damn! im in that area all the time. never seen your car tho. nonetheless, hope you get it back!

damn that sucks… hope the car comes back good so it can be rebuilt again.
i was just there last week from picking up my visor from jon at jdp.

reminds me of when my car was broken into twice in front of the house…
fuck those no life fags who like to steal cars!!

i hope they die from stealing a car!!!

that shit blows man. hope you find her.

Thanks for the condolences guys. Yeah, really sucks that this happened but, karma’s a bitch. Those crooks will get theirs 10-fold.

Please keep your eyes peeled and ears to the street if you hear anything remotely shady.

Highlight points -

HKS dual top exhaust.
Damaged Thule/Yakima rack. (I have the key so they’re going to either drill or mess up the latches pretty bad to remove it from my roof)

Thanks fellas!

hope get it back in one piece or not…luck man :angel:, stupid theives

& i was wondering why you were hitting me up on facebook…

now i Kno why…

i’ll keep my eyes alert… not too long ago, a friend of mine with a DA got his stolen too, but car was still in BP… so i’ll keep an eye Rich…

Damn thieves. Sorry about the loss man. My 92gs was stolen the monday before halloween, and haven’t seen it since. Sighhhh I miss my tegg. Good luck with the db though.

and just so it doesnt get mixed up, mattyg2 has had hks tips on his white DA for months now, and he’s a socal member. also there was a guy selling tips months back. (not having to do with this, but letting people know there were some on the market before this happened)

sorry to hear rich, hopefully someone just had a joyride, and you find it the way it left…

good luck

Does the HKS exhaust have any distinguishable markings?

that sucks bro i know what your going through mine was stolen back in april so my condolences to you hope she is found in one piece

any news yet?

damn still didnt find it??

Dang that sucks. My parents live right by there and I meet people up all the time at the hat to sell things. And it was a gsr too!

btw, I have a set of those tips and muffler too just sitting in my garage on day i might put them on.

did you have autolockerclub on?

Re: Stolen ride

Sorry to hear that bro I live in Alhambra also aka the home of get your honda/acura stolen - Just a few weeks ago I caught some idiots trying to walk up on my car in my driveway but they ran off when I ran out with my gun , those bastards are always on the dirty come-up lames cant get stuff the right way so they wanna take ours. I hope you get your ride back homie