STOLEN!!! '91 Honey Beige Integra in Union City, Ca

You whats up guys. I have a buddy of mine who just got his teggy stolen in front of his house last night in Union City, Ca. If anyone has seen it around Union City, the Bay Area or Nor Cal in general please PM me the Info.

Its a dumped 1991 Integra 2dr. Honey Beige with all the emblems still on it, and the tails are NOT cleared. I dont think the windows are tinted. The car is also equipped with an HKS exhaust spray painted black. Im not sure about the rims tho. Thats all the info i knoe at this time. I’ll post again when i do get further info.

Thanks guys!

pics and license plate number might help

hope your friend gets it back

Go look for it in Richmond man…90% of all Bay Area cars stolen end up there…that’s where mine was.

is that right?..imma go ahead and do that. right on for the info.

that sucks man hope you get it back in one piece

mine was found in the rich too?