Storing a car with no shocks

a mechanic i had work on my car had put my car on the lift and took off the rear shocks and springs off. He was going to put new shocks and springs back on but realized i didnt have all the parts i needed. therefore to be able to work on other cars he moved my car off the lift but didnt put the old shocks and springs back on. He said he moved the car with a jack but stored it with no shocks or any type of support system to support the weight of the car. So the car was sitting directly on the back tires and wheels. what type of damages can result from this practice? also please state your credentials or what declares you a legitimate source for knowledge. Thanks.

first of i have no credentials to declare me a legit source of knowledge but I would be f**king pissed if they did that to my car. All the weight of the car would be pushing down on the A-arms, probably pushing them up into the fender, hope it didn’t punch any holes in your wheel well.

Hmmm that doesn’t sound healthy for your suspension at all… why can’t he just put back your OLD shocks and springs and store it instead of doing the dickhead move on ya… that’s sure going to fuck up something is it’s going to sit there for awhile…

I have no credentials but to my friends, I’m considered a MaD TyTe JdM RaCeR! :bowthank:

well it is only for a few days but ya im mad! also i didnt want him putting my new suspension on now because he doesnt seem very professional and now he’s saying it will be $200 just to put my old shocks back on…

why didnt he just put jack stands in the back??or put blocks of wood under the lower rear table mounting points? either way, im pretty sure that the teg without suspension just sits on the table mounting points so there wont be any damage done.

also my credentials or what declares me a legitimate source for knowledge is that im a mechanic.

what kind of parts were you missing?

anyways, the most obvious damage that can be done is if the car was sitting slammed, it would tear up your trailing arm bushing. and straining other bushings.

my credentials? I installed my springs/shocks in the front and back.

i have a bagged integra and it sits on the tires all around its pretty much the same shit. its not gonna affect anything unless it was slammed. and if they pulled it with a jack then im sure they let it down pretty smooth. i actually had my integra with out suspension on for a week and it just sat there and it sits just as low as my car sits right now and with just as much camber