Strange electrical problems after smash and grab

I’ve been noticing some strange electrical problems after my driver window was smashed and my stereo jacked.

When either door is open, the guage cluster says the trunk is open (about half brightness) and clock turns off. When door is shut, clock resets to 1:00.
Same thing when I turn the dome light to ON (dome light isn’t working now).

This is what I’ve noticed so far. Any idea’s?

Have you checked your fuses?

Fuse 14 -15A, [hot at all times] radio memory and dome light
Fuse 23 - 7.5A, [hot in run and start] door, trunk/hatch open indicator lights.

If you have not already, make sure the three power leads in the radio harness, white/blue, [memory] yellow/red, [acc] and red/black, [illumination] are isolated, [capped off] so they can not short out. 94

Good call, I changed the radio fuse but forgot entirly about the dome light one~!