strange noise when backing up

hey maybe one of you guys can help me…i have a 91 teg and when i back up it sometimes makes a strange noise like when you drag a table leg or chair leg on a tile floor…any suggestions to what this might be and how i could fix it? it can be pretty annoying!

Change your brake pads.

wouldn’t it make the same noise when going forward if it was the brake pads?

It will make some noise going forward when it gets worse, but don’t know why its so loud going only on reverse? :confused: But it happened to me, replaced the pads, no more squeek.

does it sound like crunching metal???

either change your pads OR stop hitting other cars while your backing into them! hahaha …

but yeah its the begining stages of pad wear, it will make noise while in reverse, then comes the dreaded metal to metal noise where you HAVE to replace rotors if it gets too bad …


Let me try to describe it. First off I know my rotors will need replacing soon. The last time a car guy looked at them he said my brake pads would last longer than the rotors, that was 6 months ago. Also, the backing up sound, it’s sort of a clicking and I can’t really hear it when I’m in the car or when the window is rolled up. But other people have pointed it out to me before. Does it sound like the brakes to you guys?

yup… its the pads.

Thanks. Is it a serious problem I should get fixed right away? Will I be ok until this summer?

Ok I’ve got an autocross this weekend. Should I be ok if I raced? yay or nay?

I’ve had that happen to me a few times. It was always after I had been parked overnight and it was my rear pads kinda “sticking” to my rotor and just kinda poppin loose.