Strange noises from engine bay

:shrug: Okay guys, please help me out with this. When I start the car up there is a strange rubbing sound coming from the engine bay. It sounds almost like the sound an air condition belt makes when it’s wet - but more metalic sounding, almost like a metal on metal vibration (like a high pitched “pheeeeerrrrrrrrrmmmm”) and it does NOT get louder when I rev the engine.

I’ve opened the bay and tried to determine where the sound could be coming from but given the loud exhaust, I just can’t seem to pin-point it! :think:

My Dad and I gave it a listen today (and wouldn’t you know it, whenever you really try to find out what’s wrong with a car that’s when the sound goes quiet). He did however say that he thought he heard a strange ticking sound coming from the water pump - which I think sits right above the air condition compressor.

Have any of you ever had any such problems? Do I really need to worry? What could it possibly be?

it could be the water pump.
the bearings in it could be bad.

if thats the problem, change it soon, cuz the blades on the pump will get jammed and stop spinning then it may tear ur timing belt and there goes your engine.

but this is extreme

do you have abs?

yeah, I’ve got abs but…

It hasn’t worked in years, since I got the CV joints worked on when I got the car. The ABS makes a little “pppprrrrrp” sound when I just move off in the morning… that’s not the sound that’s buggin me. I suppose it would be the water pump… I dunno :shrug:

I got the timing belt changed about a year or two ago… isn’t the water pump replaced at the same time? If so, could it be going bad already??? I’m not really into the mechanics of the car so bare with me. How do I know for certain that it is or isn’t the water pump?

check the timing covers for pulley clearence they could by chaffing against the drive pulleys.

also listen to a screwdriver handle (put the tip of a long screwdriver against a suspect noise source and press your ear firmly against the handle…it’s the “mechanic’s stethiscope”)try the a/c idler pulley and alternetor brackets etc…