Strange overheating when idle

I have just arrived from a 1 hour (70 mph) drive. The weather is very nice at about 25 degreese celcius. When I made my first stop at a trafice light, vapor started comming out of my hood and the temp shot up close to red!.. I stoped the car immediatly, when the trafic light turned green I started with the intention of parking but I noticed that the temp when down immediatly! Then all the way back home, whenever the engine idles, temp shoots up, I move it goes to normal.
I just inspected the car! No blown hoses, nothing! Just coolant water that appears as if it has came from the radiator cap!!! I still have some coolant left in the radiator but that is it!!

Could it be the cap? Any way of testing? Or I just missed the blown hose! If so, how come I have some coolant left in the radiator? If a hose is blown under pressure, I would have at least lost all of my coolant by the time I arrived home!

Any suggestions or similar cases? any way to test radiator cap?

Sorry for the long post.

oh guys, and the fans were working okay! It is just idle! Even if the car is moving… idle and temp goes up, press fuel temp goes down!!! Maybe because of low level coolant, but why did I loose the coolant in the first place!

You live in QATAR?


I would just get a new cap- a generic one is $4-$5.

After that you can try bleeding the system, check the radiator for leaks(these are a common problem for high mileage G2’s), check the coolant hoses(I’ve had trouble with the small hose that leads to the throttle body…it’s broken twice).

I had that same problem once, it turned out I had a crack in one of my hoses. It took me a day untill I finally found out which hose. Check all the hoses, sometimes it’s a small small crack. Good luck.

Thanks guys.

I found 1/3 of the coolant gone so I toped it again and bleeded the system while I"m at it!
I’m getting the new cover first thing tomorrow morning. I’ll be careful while runing the car.
After I get the new cover I’m going to test the system by letting the car idle for some time then checking for small leakage… nothing better than a pressuraised system to check for that.
Radiator leak is difficult, my teg has hardly over 40K Miles on it :slight_smile:
Oh yes, I"m in Qatar and I’m suffering from WTO!! They closed ALL THE F*KUN BARS IN THE HOTELS…

I hope that does it. U’ll hear from me again.

Some extra Tips 4 U to check into: U said your fan works right? Check the hoses that feed coolant to your block and back to the radiator see if they are tightend. Do this while the motor is running and if u see bubbles coming out anywhere then u can fix it. How old is your radiator it could be cracked and if so u should replace it. If you find yourself driving and your heat needle goes back up again at a stop, turnon your heater full blast and pop your hood so the engine can vent and then crack open a few windows u should notice the needle goin back down after that, then u can drive until u can pull over and stop to check things out if there is a next time. U can find replaceable parts for your Teg at local Honda/Acura junkyards for cheaper than Autoparts stores. HTH!