Street Glow Kit


I was just looking for some advice on a Street Glow kit. My car is extremly lowered and I was wondering if I would be at risk losing my lights if I was to get them put on? I have tried searching and I also have been asking around, a lot of people have had problems with them.

Also, anyone know if they are legal in NY?

Ok well thanks guys.

Help Is Appreciated.

my friend had some on…blizzard, but then i think they they got hit a few times… and im not sure if they broke… but he just let them on now… and never turned them on again… he didnt have his car too low either… i think he was just too tired or sumthin to remove em… but eh… he does have alot of school work, and just got done with that motor swap n all… and now in process of another one…

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No Blue Line!

If you get a street glow under car kit, make sure you get the gold series, not the blue series. It is a little bit more money but it is worth every dime. The gold series is garenteed not to break.

ahh… kool…
good info for people into glowkits…