strut bar wont fit with dashpot diaphram

i just got a pilot front strut bar fr my abs teg, and the mounts fit with a little moving around of this, but i go to put the bar in and the thign that goes on top of the throttle body and connects to the arm gets in the way. i was wondering if anyone removed that? My chiltons manual says that it is there to make the throttle ease in slowly when deaccelerating and what not. Any body have trouble?:frowning:

Yes, unfortunatley this has been a problem. Mine touches occasionally, a friend of mine broke his off! No solution i know of other than to remove it. I dont know if this will hurt anything.

I took mine off, and while i was at it i put on a weapon-r throttle rotor. The bar now fits and the car still drives normal. Except the weapon r throttle rotor helps throttle response, but that didnt have anything to do with making the strut bar fit.