Strut bar

I have a 1990 GS and my strut bar dosent fit. there all this crap in the way on the passangers side. is there anyone with a pic of there strut bars on so i can see how you made it fit. and also list the strut bars you use.

90 GS, I think you have ABS in this model, correct?

if you have ABS, which i think you do, you need to remove the black casing around the ABS unit which is located to the right of the passenger side strut tower…once u remove that, move the wires and harnesses that are in the way of the strut tower so then you will be able to install the strut bar on that side…


there are some strut bars that just plain old don’t fit if you have abs (which you do). check out the archives forum for a list of strut bars that fit abs tegs.

I just bought a strut bar and I too am having problems getting it to fit. I do not have ABS, that’s for sure. I’ve looked at a million pictures of Integras with strut bars, and the placement I found with teh flanges I have has it sit nearly ontop of the firewall, it’s that far back in the engine compartment. Is that right?