strut bars and handling

Those of you who have strut bars in your engine bay, Is there a difference in handling? Like going around corners for example.

And how do you install one if you have ABS?

Thanks for the help

Front strut bars really make no difference in ur cars handling, they are mainly for eye candy.

U just need to find one that clears ABS canister. The following front strut bars clear the abs module.

Tenzo R
Pilot Motorsports

Might of forgot 1 or 2.

I don’t have to remove anything around the canister? Do I? If I buy one of those you mentioned will they fit in with no problems?


the above listed do not all clear the front ABS module.

Most of those wont.

OBX-R makes a specific one for our car w/ ABS, which i’ve posted the part number before, but can’t seem to find it.


It depends on the style and manufacturer of bar, and even if you had one crafted by Jesus, it is unlikey you are going to notice anything.

My friend and I bolt on a set to his car that he got off of Ebay for 19.95. I could practiacally grab each end and bend them right around. Functionally they sucked. Although they looked kinda cool and that was what my friend was after.

Yeah but those are crappy ebay bars.

You get a nice set of bars, such as a 3 point bar that attaches to the firewall and the strut tower points, then you will notice a difference.

I have upper bars front and back, lower sway bar rear, lower rear sway bar, and lower front sway bar, and a c-piller bar. Yes all my bars just connect from side to side, no 3 points, but I’ll tell you what, with those bars and my suspension setup, I can outhandle a stock teg any day.

So they do something, but one individual bar wont do much.

Agreed, a front strut bar alone won’t do too much, but if you add all the other bars you will notice a difference for sure. I’m building a Targa Rally car and let me tell you the difference after adding all the bars is amazing. Just don’t expect too much from a single upper front strut bar.

Okay, you guys are alot of help. I like to stiffen the car so I might as well do the whole shabang. Thanks for your inputs.

Pilot Bar

I bought a Pilot Automotive strut bar and tried to put it into my 92 GS w/ ABS and the bracket for it rubbed against the ABS. I had an ebay bar and I never really tried to put it in before, but after the pilot bar didn’t work I tried it and it fits okay. It doesn’t rub against the ABS w/o the ABS bracket, but it comes really close dashpot and may rub the bottom of my hood. The brackets on my ebay bar also look a little stronger than the pilot bar’s. I bought the pilot bar off of amazon for about $30 after I read a couple of threads saying they fit okay w/ ABS. I’ve seen a 93 GS w/ the Tenzo R bar. It’s bracket came close to the ABS but it didn’t rub. :werd: