STS at Nationals

Great “mix” of cars. Looking at Tiburon, Maxima, Subie RS, Neon, Celica and of course the venerable Civic Si.

Oh look! A 1992 Integra !!! SWEET!

Personally I think it will be between McCormick and Motonishi.

Give 'em hell guys!

the '92 Teg was mine :wave:

I’m pleased to say I finished mid-pack (was just hoping not to get last, it being my first nationals).

Good call on your picks… Ken Motonishi took the win.

Hopefully next year will see more tegs out there.

i think the g2 teg should be used more. its very similar to the civic si in terms of its suspension. i think it has alot of potential to be just as competitive as the civic si has been for so many years.

i’ve been running STS for 2 years now with my G2 and i’ve got just about everything done to it that you can do except i’m still running on 14 inch falken azenis. the G2 is several hundred pounds heavier than the popular civic hatch (of which i run against at least 2 every event…sometimes 3 or 4). weight matters a lot when you’re constantly accelerating from 10-15mph to 50-60mph. i’ve done the best i can do against all the little civics and i’m usually about 1-2 seconds behind them. i know autox is for fun and all but i’m looking into r-compounds and going DSP cause things are a lot more fun when you’re winning.

The problem is your wheels and tires, not the car. If you are running 14" falkens, I can see an issue right there.

You really need a 7" or 7.5" wheel to get the most rubber under the car that STS allows. The falken 615s are pretty good in 205/40/16 or 205/50/15.

As for weights, the integra isn’t far behind the civic if you get an RS. Any trim level other than the RS would be uncompetetive at a national level… You need the torque of the b18a1, without all the accesories and power options (and especially without the sunroof).

Unfortunately, the b17 just doesnt have enough torque, and all the power is at the high end. The GSR also the heaviest of all trim levels, with the spoiler w/brake light, and ABS. When I weighed it against my friends g2 GSR at the Denver National Tour, his weighed more than 200lbs more than mine did!

My RS weighs in at just over 2300lbs, and can be lightened to about 2250 when I’m done upgrading some more items (seats, battery, pulleys, radio remove, etc).