Stupid Fuse Problem Because Ghetto Installer

The previous owner of my Teg apparantly had an aftermarket stereo (which he didn’t leave for me :(). The problem is that he crammed what looks like the flat part of a speaker wire connector (which was attached to the power wire) in with the radio fuse in the fuse panel. I think he may of actually used this to stick two wires in there.

The problem now is that after removing the un-necessary wiring, that fuse slot is now too wide for the fuse, so it doesn’t always make contact. This in turn causes all the crap on that fuse (clock, defroster, cabin lights, radio, etc) to cut in and out and mostly stay off. It’s really pissing me off.

Is there something I can do besides cramming something in there to pressure the fuse sideways to make contact with the fuse slot’s side, or is this the only viable solution at this point??

It seems to be the only viable solution unless you just grab a pair of pliarsand tighten the fuse thing first before inserting the actual fuse. Don’t know if it’ll work though.

The right way is to remove the fuse box, open it up, depin that term. repair it, and put it all back in 2 hr if you know what you are doing, all day if not, and you can f*#% it up real bad if you realy don’t know what your doing, this it the easy/temp fix, if you can solder, “tin” up both sides of one of the fuse “legs” leave a thin blob of solder on each side of the “leg” and install that “leg” on the bad side of the fuse term. also a getto fix for a getto problem is again on one “leg” with 2 pr. of pliers bend a V into the “leg” to make it a little wider. hope this helps. :cross:94