stupid ? headlight removal.

this may sound like a dumb ? but how do you remove the headlights? i removed the 3 bolts and 1 screw on top but it wont come out still. are there lower bolts too that i need to get to. also the bumper, and how to turn on the middle headlights mine don’t come on.

I believe 2 bolts on each bumper blinker light thingies. Then 2 screws where the fender meets the bumper. Out comes the bumper. 3 bolts on top of the headlight assembly on each side then under the headlight there’s a bracket. Remove the bolts. Done. Lol. I think? It’s also on the archives

Yeah you have to remove the bumper lights to access the bolts for the bumper support. Then like hellaviscious said, there’s also two screws on the very edge of the bumper in front of the tire.

Your foglights have a button on the dash to turn them on. Your headlights have to be on at the same time though unless they’ve been rewired. If they don’t work then that’s a different story. I suggest starting by checking the fuse.

oh okay. didn’t know there was a switch for those foglights. you know if you get pulled over for running those lights at the same time? so the middle lights are also called foglights is that what u referring too?

The inner-most lights are fog lights, yes…

Such as the yellow lights in this picture.

As already stated, the headlights MUST be on before the foglights will come on. (unless you modify the vehicles wiring, which is why the headlights aren’t on in this picture)

thnx for posting. now i just gotta look for the switch tomorrow. think u guys answered all my ?'s.