stupid question but still need an answer....

heh…how do i get these wires outta my b16 block? thanks! :smiley:

You have to pull the rubber boots off to get to the connector, and unfortunately the boots turn real brittle after time and heat get to them, so you’ll probably tear them in the process. Once the boots are off, they are simple post connectors and plugs. Best of luck.

thanks…i was just afraid that if i pulled too hard i’d break a wire out or sumpin so i figured i’d ask first. (there’s a tip for your first-time overzealous engine builders ;)) but yeah i got ‘em out, and the boot on the top one stayed intact but the bottom one came off in about 8,372,495.6 pieces…oh wellz. got the oil pan off too…DAMN there was some nasty stuff in there. seriously it didnt’ even CLOSELY resemble engine oil…here:

that’s nasty.

thats water

i realize this, i was posting the pic to help along those who purchase engines to help them make sure they understand what is and isn’t good when the buy their engine. but i’ve had a good night, lots of females lots of beers and NO driving (yay) so time for bed.

I love chocolate milk…:stuck_out_tongue:

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I love chocolate milk…:stuck_out_tongue:

lol…4228 hawthorn court come on over anytime i’ve got a special treat for ya :stuck_out_tongue: