Stuttering and Smelling burnt oil

My car has started doing this and only seems to on occassion(its becoming more frequent). Whenever I am accelerating from about 2000 and up it starts stuttering and missing. This started the other day and I noticed a little bit of smoke from under the hood. I checked it out, it was coming from the back of the motor, but I didn’t see anything and figured they weren’t related and something had gotten on the motor and was burning off(the car sat for about 2 weeks while I got new tires).

Well I just pulled up at work and it did it the whole way here every time I would accelerate, except for the last street before work, she ran perfect. When I parked, I could smell a little burnt oil.

It’s a manual, Stock B18A. (I did just have a clutch and flywheel put in about a month or so ago). Any ideas?

I would say that you most likely have 2 seperate problems. They only thing I can think of where you have an oil burning smell and a misfire would be if the rings are worn to the point that its burning oil and losing compression. You could do a compression test on the engine to eliminate this possibilty. ALso, if you see blue smoke out the tailpipe then it is somehow burning oil. The misfire is probably ignition related (check distributor cap and rotor, spark plugs and wires, ignition coil, etc.). For the oil smell, it is probably from some oil running down the engine and onto the exhaust, unless as I said the engine is actually burning oil. I doubt the clutch job is related to this problem, although if the rear main seal was not replaced it could be the culprit of the oil leak.

That’s pretty much exactly what I’m thinking. Im starting to think it is just a loose connection. It’s very intermittent. It messed up halfway home, then ran great, then started idling rough once I got in the driveway.

I just started having this exact same problem, minus the burning oil smell. Did you ever find out what it was? My car wouldn’t start and so I replaced the cap, rotor, plugs, control module and coil. The culprit wound up finally being the ignition coil. It starts fine, but anytime I hit about 2200 rpms, whether in gear or not, she stutters and bogs down and sounds terrible. I have seen the white some from the engine any also. any ideas??

check mechanical timing… it may not necessarily be the rings & could be entirely possible you jumped a tooth on the timing. this is a VERY common problem for these cars.

DO a compression test and look for numbers arcross all cylinders between 165-180PSI with no more that a 5PSI variance between cylinders…

A more accurate test of the rings would be to do a leakdown test.