sub wont work

my sub wont work ,the amp is on all the wires seem to be good the grounds are good and the head unit is good too and i put my sub in my friends car and it worked great if anyone knows what i can do or whats wrong please help!!

check the inline fuses and the fuses on the amp itself…

Make and model of amp?:tapfing:94

What I recommend is check the RCA plugs and see if they are connected to the back of the radio. I had the same thing happen to me, the amp would come on but no music and when I took the radio out I saw that my RCA plugs weren’t connected and after I connected the RCA back it started to work

i had this problem on my car it was crossed plugs and wires. have you checked the ones in the back of the headunit to see if they were in the right place? im meaning the plugs that connect the headunit and sub. or it could be also the big fuse thats in the engine bay that you connected to the positive of the battery

and there is a blue remote wire make sure that was is ran from the back of the head to the amp.