Subwoofer Feedback.. HELP!!

hey i have two 12" kenwood subs (800W) and a 800W kenwood amp and a capacitor. Whenever i turn on the head unit i get nasty feedback like a really hard bumping and thumping only in the subs. The thing is, it only does that when its on cd mode… I recently put in a MSD ignition box which also connects to the battery my thoughts are that this is causing some feedback… thanks for the help!! o and everything IS wired up right…

I would check your grounds. thats where alot of feedback will come from

Sounds like you are talking about “turn on pop”, does it only happen when you turn on the HU, and does it make any diff. if car is running or not?

Does it also happen if the HU is on, CD playing, if you turn off the ign. then turn it back on to acc. again or run again?

What is the model number of the subs, amp and HU?

If this only happens when a CD is in and not if playing the radio, my guess would be a problem in the HU, [CD source has lost a ground, cold solder joint maybe]

If the noise is there all the time, [not just when you turn it on] with the car running or not, again I would guess a problem in the HU.:hmm: 94

thanks ill take a look at it… and yea it does it no matter what and it ONLY does it with the cd player on, my amp is grounded directly to the chassis everything was wired right so i guess its narrowed down to the HU like you said ill check it out… thanks alot!

new info… not the HU i heard that the control wire throws off a frequency so im thinking if the control wire is right next to the RCA cables then that may be the cause of feedback the feedback stops when i unplug the rca cables and yea they are new.

It sounds like the problem is in your HU, [unplugging RCAs gets rid of noise] amp control will not induce noise into RCAs.
Just the fact that it only happens when CD is playing and not the radio indicates it’s the HU, probably a poor ground on CD transport,

What is the make and model of the HU and amp?

If you can, plug another HU into the amp and see if it has the same problem.:idea: 94