Hey guys…if i can find stuff for the right price i may end up dropping my car before summers over so i need all of your help. At first i was looking for some ground control coilovers, tokico HP’s, and some kind of camber kit and this is all with a budget of 500$ MAX. Now…ground controls usually run about 275$ shipped, while HP’s i found for 245$ shipped, so theres 500 already with no camber kit. But do i really need a camber kit? everyone seems to be telling me i do, cuz i want to drop it a good 2-2.5". If so, what kind do i get, and does it really matter which i get? I hear about ingalls, and a deal going on for 100$ for just the front?? I dont know if i want to spend 100$ on a camber kit, when i found one on ebay for 5$ that says there just as good as ingalls. Could you guys help me with how to tell which camber kits are better?? also i was told that some of the cheap coilovers on ebay tend to rust the coils shut, is this true? i live in maine so rust is a little bit of a problem, but i’ll be at college and wont’ drive much in winter anyway. So what does everybody think, should i break down and get the GC’s, and Hps are ok? or should i get a look a like GC for 120$ shipped and some HPs and a 5$ camber kit, or ingalls kit?? thanks for all your help!!

You must have found the $5 kit for the rear. All that is is longer bolts and some washers. Save your 5 bucks and go to the hardware store and buy some washers. As for the front, you dont have to have a kit, I lowered my car 2-3/4" and didnt have a kit for a long time. You will go through tires much quicker though, so if you can spare the money, get the kit. You would have to replace your tires in a few months anyway. I put the ingalls kit on the front of my car and it did the job nicely, and it was simple to put on.