Sunroof Install

I have an 1990 Integra GS 4 door. It doesn’t have a sunroof, but I want one. I know that I can buy a complete factory sunroof assembly (glass, frame, track, motor, the works all assembled) off of ebay for between $75 and $100. Being that I don’t currently have a sunroof, would it be a major ordeal to mount this factory sunroof in my car. I have heard that in all the cars regardless of whether it has the sunroof or not it has the mounting holes, but I have also heard that there is an issue with the lip. Also, how hard and expensive would it be to have someone porperly and accuratly cut the hole? I am concerned that my headliner may be different from those that came with sunroofs and therefor I may not have the required clearance. Please, anything will help?

You would have to replace the entire outer skin with a skin made for the factory sunroof. Cheaper to buy another car, then to try and convert to factory sunroof.

um any glass or repair shop should be able to install a sun roof for you.
you do not need an new roof skin. . . you might have to get a headliner from a car with a sunroof. or just relocate your dome light.

you best bet would be to call around and get prices to install one that way if it leaks you have some kind of warenty etc.

thanks! I will start making calls tomorrow. I was thinking that to get away with the myth about a problem with not having a proper lip, I would just glue some weatherstriping.

Also, is there a difference in the sunroof assembly of the 2 door and the 4 door?

i really don’t know if you call around som eplaces might even have kits or they should be able to tell you what you need.

Uhm, structural integrity?


Aftermarket sun/moon roofs have been available for cars for ever, here is a pretty good one…