Sunroof won't close ... HELP!

Over the past week, I’ve knoticed that in order to close my sunroof (which was fully open) I had to open it (more somehow) and then hit the close button and then it would close fine. Today, however, I tried that, and it moves it’s usual half an inch, but won’t close, it just gets stuck. I can move it approx half an inch in either direction just fine. Anyone have any idea’s on what to do or what the problem is…let’s hope it doesn’t rain here anytime soon

There’s a dude in the FS section selling a factory hardware kit. In that kit is the tool to manually close the sunroof… I know this doesn’t fix your problem but at least you’ll get the damn thing closed. Also consider putting a plastic bag over the sunroof. You’re not only introducing rain, but possible thieves.

It’s hard to say what may be wrong without more info.

Is the roof just stopping or is it binding?
Does it look like the roof “twists” just before it stops or does it stay square in it’s tracks as it stops.

You will need to close/open it manually to find out if it is binding.

More then likely it is a limit switch problem or a connection to one of the limit switches.

You say it will move about an inch in either direction, try this, close it till it stops then switch to open just for a second, [just long enough for it to move] then try and close it again, repeat, will it close any farther:corn:94

It’s straight and doesn’t twist… also, once it stops, it makes no noise.

I’m guessing one way or another I’m going to have to remove the headliner?

So today, it closed! It seemed to ‘jump’ over the spot where it got stuck and was smooth sailing from then on. I tried opening it again and closing and it did the same thing, but made it again… any idea’s on what’s causing this

If the “sticky” spot is always the same place then it probably not electrical, sound’s more like a mechanical problem, you are going to have to try and see what it is “jumping over”, still looks like you will need to drop the head liner.:corn:94

try adjusting the clutch

There’s a very slim possibility you’ve got some foreign object in there as well. If you have the time to take it apart and inspect it for defects and other such things, you should.