Sunvisor quickfix

If your sunvisor is getting caught in the path of the automatic seatbelt track and is being damaged, you can try this fix. Acura issued some plastic shims that raises the angle of the sunvisor arms to remedy the problem.

3-doors up to JH4DA9xxxLS060333
4-doors up to JH4DB1xxxLS036931
(I believe Acura fixed this on the later 92-93 models)

Sunvisor shim - part# 83230-SK7-308 (you’ll need two)

The shim is tapered meaning one end is thicker than the other. You will need to insert this shim between the roof panel and the headliner with the THICK END OF THE SHIM FACING TOWARDS THE WINDSHIELD GLASS.

*note in steps 6-8 of the pics, the hand is UNDERNEATH the windshield glass (top view of procedure)

After installing the shims I found that the sunvisors can still be caught in the path of the motorized seatbelt track if you over-rotate the sunvisor all the way left in the down position only at extreme angles (driver side). At $12 per shim, I don’t recommend this fix for everyone especially if you don’t have this problem or don’t use your sunvisor to block sidelight that much.