Supertrapp review

Alright after a day of tooling around town with my new exhaust setup I decided to write a preliminary review.

I had a local muffler shop bend some 2.25 o.d. piping for me. I went on the opposite side of the stock layout and went under the control arm instead of over, I checked ground clearence issues and there were none. I went this way so I could exit at the stock location. I still have the stock header and the stock cat but I’m going to change those out soon.

The supertrapp I went with is listed here: summit racing. The construction was solid, and the matte black looked like it would mask dirt and grime fairly well.

The initial results were mixed; I was expecting it to sound ricey and really nasty, but it was actually quite deep and throaty. The drive from the shop to my house was deafining though, and there didn’t seem to be any change in power at all.

I then subtracted 4 discs from the supertrapp and then went for a spin around the block. There was a bit more power it seemed from the butt dyno at 2000-3800rpm and then a sudden surge of power at 3800 and it held until about 5800 when it started to taper off. The sound was slightly higher pitched and a bit raspier, but not too bad, it was more of a mellow raspiness.

I then put one disc back in and noted that the power band moved up a few hundred rpm, and the exhaust lowered it’s note a bit.

I noticed some small clear dots on the back of my bumper, maybe related to muffler packing material or my engine buring a bit of oil.

All in all I really like the sound of the setup and the ability to tune the position of the power band.

I’ll try to get some pictures, and maybe a sound sample if I can.

Sorry for the hamscram appperance of my writing if it’s confusing
yell at me and I’ll try to fix it

Added some pictures, sound clip by monday or tuesday.

looks like theres a cap over the end of the exhaust tip… how does it get out? (the exhaust that is)

maybe it uses pressure to let the exhaust out. i guess lets it out faster. but i dont know about that. no disrespect but i dont think its really good. why didnt you weld an apexi muffler.(150 dollars)

The exhaust exits the from the rings before the cap, by adjusting the number of rings it changes the point at which optimum exhaust velocity occurs in the rpm range. This allows me to alter the point at which peak torque occurs, making it easier to drive around on the street. Also I can vary the noise level too, with the cap removed it is a straight through system, and with 6 plates it is only marginally louder than stock.

Edit: The supertrapp I bought was only 100 bucks.