suspenion tech. springs

160 at a store by me. but friend works there and can get cheaper. are these good kits?

how low will it drop my car, i dont want to lower alot, just some, i cant afford camber wear, and dont have money for camber kit.

Integra 1990-93, 2’’/1.8’’ Drop

thats what the site says. about where will the top of my tires be, around the wheel well? my friend slammed his car, but his tires were VERY worn in 1 month (very high camber problems). so will this drop cause camber issues?

please let me know. thanks.

They are not bad, a little stiff imho. You might want to look at Progress springs(the teal ones). THey make some nice stuff for pretty cheap. Same money as ST.

I got the same ones with KYB GR2 shock/struts. The ride is firm, but not uncomfortable. I can get two fingers between the tire and fender in the front and 3 in the back. I have 90 automatic rs coupe. Also, I haven’t needed a camber kit either. I have very normal wear on my tires.

If you’re talking about suspension techniques speedtech springs, check I got mine for $97 plus shipping.

I had suspension techniques springs in last summer, great ride…but thats because they are not all that stiff, its a moderate drop, I think I still had at least an inch of wheel gap all tires, front is lower than back tho