suspension dilema

i’m currently rolling on maxspeed & tokico’s. i’ve decided to get rid of my maxspeeds cuz they suck. would gc’s be a good combo with my tokico’s or would skunk 2 be better. please advise. and also can anyone recommend a good camber kit. thanks!:smiley:

Which tockco’s are you running ? From my experience the best combo is GC’s W/ tockico Illuminas. If you have the HP’s they wont last very long.

thanks for the advice…also my tires are just about tucked under the fender leaving no gap…now i know that contributes to my very bumpy ride…if i were to get the illuminas & gc’s, would the ride be as bumpy or would i have to raise…what’s your recommendations? thanks.

First off what size are your wheels ? when I used to run that set up on my 97 integ I had 16’s on 205/40 and you could not put your finger in between the fender & tire. The only time when it would be bumpy is when I go over a huge bump. What you can do is play with the dials on the shocks 1 is being the softest & 5 being stiff Just set them to your preference. Im going to install the same GC’s on my 90 ls with also Illuminas this weekend . The GC’s that im using are off of the 92 - 95 civics

i’m running on 16’s…you think everything will run around $700…roughly? you have a camber kit on your car?..i bought me a set of progress camber kit…heard anything on them? good, bad or ok? thanks for the input…“frisco in da haus!”

I think Ground Control is having like a special for like 299 for the set and you can pick up some illuminas for like about 400 - 450 range. as of camber kits ive been really lazy so Im still using my lifetime alignment at Firestone ! lol I use my car for SCCA Solo II so its aight that I have negative camber. as for the progress camber kit, Ive heard nothing negative about them.

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i bought me a set of progress camber kit…heard anything on them?

Do a search on Progress, we’ve been talking about them all week.

aight guys…thanks for the input