suspension experts... toe and camber

I’m putting on some Yellows and Sportlines this Saturday, along with the INgalls polyurethane camber kit up front and the washers in back. I just want to know if it is safe to drive around for ± 1 week before I have everything aligned. I know what bad camber looks like (tilted wheels) and i think just eyeballing it we can make it close to straight. TOE confuses me. I don’t know what it is and if it a visible thing. I’ve never messed with much of anything with my car and i just want to make sure everything is done right on my baby (thus the Yellows) I just don’t want to eat my tires up within 100 miles of installing my suspension. Is there anything that can be done to ensure the Toe is correct aside from having it in the shop (we are doing this in an apartment parking lot). Thank you for any insight!

Well toe in would be the front wheels pointing at each other in front, toe out would be the wheels pointing away from each other in front. My guess would be that since you only lowered your car about 2" you should be ok for a week. Personally, I would go directaly to the alignment shop after that kinda work just to be on the safe side.

It is adjustable by yourself too. It can be asjusted with the tierods. You can measure the width between the tires as high as you can in the front and back. Adjust the tierods so that the measurments are the same, or as close to it as possible. Its actually pretty easy to get close, but without the correct machine, kinda hard to get exact.

Hehehe, wheres Marc when you need him. He could exsplain this a lot better than me. Hope that helped.

Here is a little info for you.:slight_smile:

you’ll be fine for a short period of time without driving very far. With such a small drop your camber and toe won’t be too messed up so you should be safe for awhile, but really there is no reason to delay.

have the shop do the toe, its a more difficult measurement to do yourself. Basically it measures how much your wheels are turned in or out.

as for the camber. a 1.8" drop should give you 1-2 deg of negative camber. I’d say probably a 1.25-1.5 deg of adjustment should be correct. And no you can’t judge just by looking at it, especially if your toe is off. All of it can be very misleading. And when you have the toe set it will affect the camber measurement slightly.

One last thing, make sure that you DO NOT adjust the camber once you get your alignment–and if you do get it aligned again asap! Making adjustments to the camber (even small ones) can throw your toe measurements off and thus you’ll be screwed. Trust me, it happened to me before.

Have a shop do it. As a matter of fact I just bought new KYB GR-2’s, Neuspeed 1.8" lowering springs and Ingalls front and rear camber kits. I’m having a shop install everything and align it all afterwards for $150. I’d rather not spend my entire saturday screwing up my car.