Suspension Installation

1st time install, im gonna be installing my suspension soon, gr-2/prokit, you guys have any tips on the install, anything else i need to buy, specialtly yools to get, and things i should look out for? any help will greatly be appreciated! i need your guys adivce, thanks.

if you have the shocks and coils/springs that you need. then your good then. just assemble those together and plug and play. i think you’ll need a long 14, 14, 17 sockets and 14 and 17 wrench and i think thats all you need. oh and i think you’ll need a 12 or a 10 socket for the brake lines.

Hate to keep sayin’ it. Get a Service Manual. They give you all the install/ removal info you need. When that fails, ask here. :burnout: :manual:

thanks guys, and as for the service manuals yea i got em acura dealership service manual, and also the helms so im set,
question about the brake lines when i take em of is there gonna be fluid pissing out? thanks

^^ The 10 or 12 mm socket is only used to loosen the bolt connecting the brake line clip from the brake line mounting bracket on the front shock body. In no way are you going to disconnect the brake line from the front caliper.

^^^ thanks man, this is gonna be a smooth install hope so, n e more tips? there great

Dude, call up the Canadian Tire outlets in your area. Ask the parts department if they have a spring compressor for rent which they rent out for free (well, not exactly - if you don’t return it by the time you’re supposed to return it they hit your credit card with the cost of a new compressor). Though Crappy Tire has a free tool rental program, not all outlets carry the same slew of tools, so you better call first. I live in the downtown area and I was able to borrow a compressor at a Scarborough branch (check them out on the web). Another thing, if you plan to replace your sway bars or sway bar bushings, might as well do them now while your at it. I still have the stock front and rear sways but replaced the bushings with Energy Sus. polies - night and day difference (got them at Performance Improvements). The original ones had already deteriorated. Also, replace the front end links as well with ES polies. I went through two sets of non-poly end links in a span of a year and a half and they got torn for some reason or another. Since installing the poly end links I haven’t had the “clunking” noise of a loose end link, and it’s been almost two years. These bushings would set you back like C$70, but it’s worth the expense. Oh yeah, get an alignment job.

Sorry, double post.

^^^ very good tips man, ill pick up some bushings for sure, and which performance improvements do you goto? oshawa? also how much was it to rent the compressor? thanks man

You might want to spray down the bolts you’ll be removing with some wd40 or something the night before. In case they are a little rusted, it will help break them loose easier.

which performance improvements do you goto?

I go often to the main on Queensway though I drop in on the Kennedy branch if I’m in Scarborough. It doesn’t really matter which branch you go to since they have a quick turnaround on ordered stuff.

also how much was it to rent the compressor?

Can’t remember. What they do is they charge your credit card the price of a new unit and if you return it on time they just reverse the charges. If you’re late or don’t return it at all, you get dingged with an old compressor with the price of a new one.

watch for the lower control arms in the rear. I bought my car in Ohio, and they were rusted in good. I had to purchase 2 new control arms because they were just that bad…

^^ thanks guys big help!

so how was the install? how does everything feel now?