suspension kit? anyone used it?

anyone ever use this? and how is it if u have…

sounds like a good deal bro im asumin you’re on a budget right?..but if you going to use sleeve on springs i rather save up a get ground control sleeves IMO… but GL luck with your choice :up:

looks like a good deal, but just remember: You get what you pay for. I’m not sure how safe I would feel tracking that set up or even driving it hard on a curvy road. But he its not me, its you. Good luck:up:

well i think ima just spend the money on just a camber kit…anyone have any good ideas for a front and rear for around $150?

Ball joints on the camber arm is going to be shot in about 3 months… bushings on the lower control arm is going to rip in about 5 months and the springs are going to bounce like a mofukka to the point where you snap your neck in about 8 months… .have fun!

ingalls has camber kits for cheap, about 80 each end

i too say stay away from cheap parts. eBay specials may be cheap, but would you risk your life for just a few dollars?