Suspension technique Question

OK…just bought some ST lowering springs and need to find out what ones are the front and what ones are the rear??? They are used so thats why i am asking…thanks…also what struts/shocks would be best used with these???

The LONGER springs go on the REAR. The shorter springs go on the front.

Somethin like the tokico illumina’s or agx’s would be cool with those. Even the blue’s or gr-2’s would ride a little better with those. HTH.

Thanks for the info on the springs…I was thinking the gr-2’s but what do you think about the gr-2’s in rear and agx in the front for the adjustablity???or should i just got gr-2 all the way around?? But i heard that there will be like a 3 finger gap in the rear and 2 finger gap in the front if you go gr-2’s all around??? Well any more info would help or what you like and don’t like strut wise would be cool to…i just wanna get the best strut for my money right now…i know i want the koni yellows but my struts are gone and i need new ones now…thanks