Suspension Uneven Drop?

Ok so this weekend i dropped the Teg on some Neuspeed Sports, everything went great but i have one problem. The drops on the front vary from each other. The passenger side is a little higher than driver side. I did have to push the suspension down alittle further on the passenger side to get the lower fork bolt and lock nut in. So what part effects how lose up and down the whole suspension is? Or is this normal for the heights to vary. And the strut is fully down in the perch on both sides. Thanks fellas

mabey it needs to settle

Hopefully, i know it settles a little but it’s just weird i did them on the same day and they’re different. I still want to know why, i had to push the whole suspension down so hard to even get the lock bolt in. My dad had to almsot stand on it unlike the driver side which i just pushed down. It’s not a big deal i just wanted to know if there’s something i could do to fix it. L8ter


I have the same problem with my nuespeed race springs. I may cut the passenger side down or replace them with a diffrent kind.

EDIT- sprint springs