Ok I have a set of ST lowering springs that give me a 1.8 inch drop. I have a Blitz front clip and a bad driveway. I was to go lower than 1.8. Maybe 2.0 2.25? Is that safe? Who makes good springs that will lower me 2.0-2.25. Oh and I did search and no one was in the situation that I am in- I either get some lower lowering springs or end up dating a REAL fat chick. Please don’t make me do that. Any pics of tegs with a 2.0 2.25 drop would be real helpful ladies and gentlemen.

nobody :shrug: - come on guys I don’t want a fat girl- HELP ME!!

Neuspeed Race springs would get you the drop you ask for, but I wouldn’t do it if I had a body kit and a bad driveway