swap a b16 to a 92 integra

i was thinkin about swappin a jdm b16 into my 92 integra. How hard is it to do something like this? Do you have to be really skilled or can somebody with very little knowledge of cars do it?

Dont know much, but i do know that it will be hard and you will need to know what your doing to get it done, the b16 is not just a drop in engine…

pirate252: Actually, the B16A IS a drop in engine. Its just dropping in another B series engine into the car, no different from the B18A1 thats in there now. With a B16A swap you can use you stock axles, shift linkage, motor mounts, and wiring harness. While the swap is a straight bolt-in job…I don’t recommend that you swap it in yourself, unless you know your way around an engine wiring harness.

:read: The teg tips over and over again. And when your done read them one more time. Also search there are TONS of threads that can help you some questions you have to dig to find the answers but you will find them. I’m a noob to this site I just did the swap 2 months ago its not bad if you have some mechanical knowledge and can turn a wrench you will do just fine.

pirate252 I’m not sure what you mean by it doesnt just drop in mine drop’d in just fine…its the most basic swap for a DA as far as I understand someone can correct me if i’m wrong. :werd:

:werd: AFAIK, the b16 is the second easiest swap into a DA, since b20s require no wiring, and a b16 needs 4 wires…

search fool, and make sure you get a motor that matches the obd of your car…save you some headaches…

but read the damn teg tips…mainly the ENGINE SWAP GUIDE

Bwahaaaaaaaaaa!!! What a noob! :loser:

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yea If you do a little reading you’d find out how easy it is, and it pretty much just drops in, just like nickgmiller04 said just needs 4 wires and a little time, thats it. :ok: