swap almost complete..... now my fans don't turn on.

i’m almost completely done with my swap. the engine is in and runs beautiful. the only thing i have left is a valve adjustment and get my fans to work. i don’t get it, they worked fine before i did the swap. i double checked everything last night to see if it was all hooked up. everything seems to be hooked up. i checked my fuses and they’re not blown. i don’t get it. another thing that gets me is that the car will run without the fans without getting hot. i let it run for about 5 mins last night, and the fans did’nt kick on once nor did the temp guage go above normal position. any ideas??:shrug:

have you tried letting it run any longer than that?

the engine shouldn’t get very hot after that amount of time, because the coolant will still be circulating, and it will take a while for all of it to heat up even with the car sitting still and the fans not working.

doesn’t it usually take more like 10-15 mins for the fans to come on?

Have you tried takin it for a spin around the block or anything to see if it gets hot then?