swap b18a w/ b18b head...what do i need to do?

i have a 95 ls head with distributer, intake manifold plus throttle body and fuel fuel rail along with injectors…

what will i need to swap it into my 91 b18a…i know iam suppose to use the 91 distributer anything else?

any specific things i should know while doing this and any problems i will come across…

use your 91 injectors too. Other than that, it will drop in. I might do mine this weekend too. I have a 95 pp head.

so use the 95 fuel rail and intake manifold and throttle body but use the 91 distibuter and injectors rite? to making sure

The fuel rail I’m not sure, but I don’t think there was a big differnece in them. I might be wrong since they are obd somtheing injectors. As for the throttle body. I belice you can put it on our 90-91 tegs without problems, but I would use your exisitng TB instead cuz I think the newer ones have some other sensor r sumthin. But the IM and cams, head is what will definately work. The injectors, distrib won’t work, but the fuel rail and TB might give u a hassle (maybe different design, not sure) Just use the old 91 stuff for that to make things less complicated for yourself.

What kind of power gains will you get with the b18b head and throttle body?

You are esentially making your b18a into the b18b. The difference between the two is the head design and IM, EM. So you will be gettin the 142 hp at the flywheel. Just think of it as a stock b18b if you don’t have any bolt ons or other mods to it.

iam not yet clear about the swap

so there is nothing i will keeping from my b18a head…but i heard i need to use my b18a distributer because it needs to stay non obd…

and i thought just the 95 b18b head is just had larger ports on the bottom of the head and the b18a and b18b IM are the same…

so what do i really need to do the swap and what parts to i keep?

can i use my intake manifold?
if u use the 95 b18b ls IM what do i need from the b18a head to complete the swap


i just need to clarify what i should use to complete this swap…

keep my b18a intake manifold along with my distributer and fuel rail and injectors?..

is this complete?

to do this swap this is what you will need!

from your teg right now, the b18a motor, you will need the injectors, distributor, fuel rail, TB

From the new b18b head you will need the Intake Manifold, head, cams, cam gears if you don’t have already. You can use your old b18a cam gears too fi you don’t have.

This is assumming that you want most power out of the engine. If you want to make things easier for yourself, don’t use the b18b IM because the vaccum lines you have to hook up and its kinda hard to explain.

take the b18a head off, put the b18b head on, put the b18a distrib on the b18b head, ditto for the IM, fuel rail, TB. Now your done. Make sure your at TDC when doing this cuz u don’t wanna screw up your timing.

After I would check timing and change the coolant, oil, gaskets just incase. EAsier later on, less hassle.

I only read the first few posts of this thread, but basically you will need ur current distributor, and ur injectors. You can use the 1995 Tbody, but you need to play with the vacuum lines a bit.

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