Swap in jersey

im not a teg owner, as my name would state, but a friend of mine just bought a 91 Gs sedan and we found a jdm ITR motor tranny and ecu from sunrise motors that fits right into his budget. he’s got about 5g’s left and about 2gs have to go to cosmetic things, no gay body kits or nething jsut new paint and minor body work, fat five rims and falken azenis, roll cage and racing seats, and other various interior/exterior things. anyway we’ve done swaps before, new bottom end on my F22 88 accord, a ls/vtec into his girlfriends 93 civic 4dr(boy was she pissed :giggle: ), and a gsr motor into his 97 gs 4dr(we jersey people love four doors cuz theres nothing better than putting car lengths on a ricey crx in a purple all motor 4dr civic), and alot of other honda performance work but i go to school in philly and he’s at UConn so we dont have time for the building and swap and since we’ve always done our own work we dont really know of any good shops in the area. if anyone knows of and has had good experience with a honda speed shop in the tristate area or even in say delaware or maryland please post their info and your experience with them. hopefully someone has had good reliable experiences or this is just gunna have to wait till spring break when we got time to work on it. any and all help is appreciated much.



call these guys up… they really know their stuff

thanks alot sweetchin. called them up and im going there this weekend to talk to em. thanks again.


no prob man… they are a bunch of good people trying to make everyone go fast