Swap Time !

I got my bonus for work so its time for a Motor swap. I’m stuck with the B18a and i need to be fast. Fast but with something that hasent been done 1,000 times. My friends all say to do a JDM B18c5(ITR) or a c1(GSR) but im thinking more about an H22a. Anyone here know anything about this? What will be needed and what kind of work is going to have to be done to the car?

Well, if you have about 3.5 g’s and a month or two handy, go for the h22…

Goin turbo w/ the swap? NA?

I’d say B20VTEC if you’re staying NA (not many people have b20VTEC), and JDM b18c/c-R or USDM b18c1/5 if you’re goin turbo.

Check this section and the engine swap guide in teg tips, and Hybrid Honda for specs and swap info.